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City  Central Branch Partners Partners addresses Activity sector       Terms











Sh. Mustafayev str. 27.121 Səma Nasimi 25 Furniture store CREDİT
Soft Life Mebel Babek 36 Furniture store CREDİT/MAXİ CARD
Arveks Babək ave. 86A Furniture store CREDİT
Gold Travel Sarayevo 8/2 Tourism CREDİT/MAXİ CARD
Arcelik - primary store Aladdin Guliyev 1131-Babek Plaza Home appliances MAXİ CART
Archelik Tabriz st. 98A Home appliances MAXİ CART
Amor Azadlig ave. 64 Tourism CREDİT/MAXİ CARD
Branch №1 Partners Partners addresses Activity sector Terms
Fuzuli str. 73 Telsiz Rashid Behbudov 22, 25 Computer sales CREDİT
Notebooks.az Rashid Behbudov 42 Computer sales CREDİT
A.F. I.Dadashov st., 3158/3156 quarter Computer sales CREDİT
Baku Travel Rashid Behbudov 40/17 Tourism CREDİT/MAXİ CARD
Vətən komp S.Rustam st. 4 Computer sales CREDİT
Amor Azadlig ave 64, 753. quarter Tourism CREDİT/MAXİ CARD
Comp Care Azadlig ave. 28 Computer sales CREDİT
Yasamal Branch Partners Partners addresses Activity sector Terms
H.Cavid ave., 30 Vestel H.Javid ave., 558 quarter Home appliances CREDİT
Xəzər Mebel H. Zardabi 71/4 Furniture store CREDİT
VALFEX Tbilisi ave.,1058 quarter Heating systems CREDİT
Casa-Bella H. Zardabi 72/4 Furniture store CREDİT
Leo tour Basti Baghirova 12 Tourism CREDİT
Premier Computers Majidov st. 56 Computer sales CREDİT
Kompyuter Xidmətləri H.Javid ave., quarter 556/557 Computer sales CREDİT
Ganjlik Branch Partners Partners addresses Activity sector Terms
F.K.Khoyski str. 104 A Star Electroniks 3nd microdistrict, Intersection of A. Taghizadeh and S. Adil str. 3006-3007 quarter Home appliances CREDİT
Azerterm MMC A.Rajabli, 11 Heating systems CREDİT
Baykan A. Rajabli, 62 Heating systems CREDİT
Arcelik A. Rajabli, 40D Home appliances MAXİ CARD
EKONOMGAZ A.A.Mirgasimov 29 Heating systems CREDİT
Lyuks A. Rajabli, 9 Furniture store CREDİT
TEPLO TERM MMC A. Rajabli, 11 Heating systems CREDİT
Freestyele Safari Khagani, 31/15 Tourism CREDİT
Grenwech Travel F. Kh. Khoyski, 106 Tourism CREDİT/MAXİ CARD
Soft Life Mebel Babak 86 Furniture store CREDİT
HomeCredit Jafar Jandan 8 Home appliances CREDİT
Atlas Travel N.Yusifbayli 42 Tourism CREDİT
Division-Gənclik Koroghlu Rahimov 22 Computer sales CREDİT
Sahil Branch Partners Partners addresses Activity sector Terms
Nizami str. 68 Division Nizami str. 2, apt. 68 Computer sales CREDİT
Laptop Samad Vurghun str. 17, apt. 24 Computer sales CREDİT
Panasonik Bulbul ave. 10 Home appliances CREDİT
Notecomp 28 may str., 14 Computer sales CREDİT
Səbail Branch Partners Partners addresses Activity sector Terms
Zargarpalan str. 3/5 Millenum Travel B.Kangarli str. 39 Tourism CREDİT
SKY Travel M.H.Naxchivani str.,9 Tourism CREDİT
Zaman-N MMC Nizami str. 135 Tourism CREDİT/MAXİ CARD
Ahmadli Branch Partners Partners addresses Activity sector Terms
Mahammad Hadi str. 41 Yağmur Mebel Babak ave., 76C Furniture store CREDİT
Səma Nasimi 25 Furniture store CREDİT
Atlantis Intersection of G. Garayev ave. and B. Nuriyev str.  Furniture store CREDİT
Miroğlu Mebel Babak ave.33 C Furniture store CREDİT
Dəmirağac Nizami district, 4th floor of "Lachin" shopping center  Furniture store CREDİT
Istilik Sistemləri Babak ave. 43 Heating systems CREDİT
Prestige Comp-Bakı Sarayevo 23/24 Computer sales CREDİT
Saray Mebel G.Garayev ave. 39A Furniture store CREDİT
İnterturan Mebel Nasimi str. 42 Furniture store CREDİT
Kompyuter Xidmətləri M. Hadi str., 23/24 Computer sales CREDİT
NoteComp M. Hadi str. 41X Computer sales CREDİT
Samsung M.Rustamov str.35 Home appliances CREDİT
Tac Mebel G.Garayev str., 39/47 Furniture store CREDİT














Sumgayit branch Partners Partners addresses Activity sector Terms
Sumgayit, 3rdmicrodistrict, H. Aliyev ave. 22/54 Oktayoğlu 3nd microdistrict., H.Aliyev ave., 22/54 Home appliances CREDİT
İndezit 3nd microdistrict, H.Aliyev ave. 3/58, house 22 Home appliances CREDİT
Tokyo 34th quarter Home appliances CREDİT
TEXNO MARKET Sumgayit, 34-quarter Home appliances CREDİT
Netra 2nd microdistrict, house 22/57, apt. 2 Computer sales CREDİT
Cristal H.Aliyev ave., 3nd microdistrict, house 3/58 Home appliances CREDİT
LG 2nd microdistrict, house 25, apt. 6 Home appliances CREDİT
Sputnik 34th quarter, house 20/13 Home appliances CREDİT
Arçelik 3nd microdistrict Sulh str. Home appliances CREDİT
Gold Travel 3nd microdistrict, 37/20 Tourism CREDİT/MAXİ CARD
Sony 5th microdistrict, 53/5 Computer sales CREDİT
Cosmos Dostlug str. 22/54 Computer sales CREDİT
Nursoft 5th microdistrict, J.Mammadguluzade, house 27, apt.38 Computer sales CREDİT
Google 3nd microdistrict, Sulh str., 19/33 Computer sales CREDİT
Sumgayit Mebel Sulh str., 76th quarter Furniture store CREDİT
AGRA-Sumgayit Koroghlu ave., 12th microdistrict, 2 Furniture store CREDİT
Compstore-Sumq. 2nd microdistrict, house 2/30, apt.18 Computer sales CREDİT
Inter Turan 2nd microdistrict, house 46/48 Furniture store CREDİT
Startech 2nd microdistrict, house 13-19, apt.44 Computer sales CREDİT
Planet Intersection of H.Aliyev ave. and Lermontov str. Computer sales CREDİT
Mebel-17 16th quarter Furniture store CREDİT
Elektro 2nd microdistrict,, H.Əliyev ave. Home appliances CREDİT
Kombi evi 3nd microdistrict, house 45/40, house16 Heating systems CREDİT
RASAT MEBEL 3th microdistrict, Furniture store CREDİT
Shaki branch Partners Partners addresses Activity sector Terms
Shaki, M.A.Rasulzadeave. 180 Eurolux A.Shaig str., house 13A Home appliances CREDİT
Vestel-Sheki təze M.Ə.Rasulzade str., house 4/3 Home appliances CREDİT
Mebel Şəki S.Rahman str. Furniture store CREDİT
Kombi evi-Şəki Salaman Mumtaz str. Heating systems CREDİT
Centron M.Ə.Rəsulzadə küç, 235 Home appliances CREDİT
Soliton - Şəki Calgalı bulag str. Computer sales CREDİT
Ganja branch Partners Partners addresses Activity sector Terms
Ganja,Zardabi str. 57 Vestel Intersection of M.Baghirov and Dede Gorgud str. Home appliances CREDİT
Nur Ganja-Shamkir high-way Home appliances CREDİT
Turan Computers Dede Gorgud str.31/15 Computer sales CREDİT
Elektron Kepez district , Sh. I. Khatai ave. 20 Home appliances CREDİT
JVC Dede Gorgud 50 Home appliances CREDİT
Prestige Compyuters M.Bagirov str. opposite of school № 28 Computer sales CREDİT
Smart komp Ganja str., non- residential area № 5 Computer sales CREDİT
Madeyra mebel Ganjastr., U.Hajibeyov str.,North side of the post office Furniture store CREDİT
Brend Computers Dede Gorgud 50A Computer sales CREDİT
Bakcell Gəncə Javadkhan str., house 20 Computer sales CREDİT