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Maxi Kart

General Information: 

Maxi Card offers the opportunity to buy the products or services at stores from the POS terminals which belong to Azericard processing center (during campaign period from ATMs) and pay in portions with percent of 1.5. The customer pays the used amount to bank starting from the next month during maximum 6 months in equal payments.  The paid amount is placed to card account and could be used again. The limit of the card is restorable.


Cards could be obtained from Bank’s Branches on the following terms:

Card limit

500 AZN


40 days (with paymentfrom 1st to 10th of each month )

Bank charges andservice fee:

9% of used amount

Price of the card:


Period of the card:

Period of the card andthe period of the credit line – 3 years


From 1st to 10th of each next moth

Age limits:


Required documents:

ID and Employment verification


The payment and counting guideline for used limit:

For example: You are the owner of MAXI CARDand you have 500 AZN of credit line in your card. You have spent 218 AZN for shopping out of the limit of 500 AZN for 6 months (200 AZN +9% service fee) and pay 36.33 AZN (218:6=36.33 AZN)till the 10th of the next month, the customer’s spending limit will be 318,33 AZN (500-218=282+36,33=318,33 AZN) for that month. The payments should be made from the 1st to the 10th of the months, otherwise default interest of 1% from the main amount per day will be charged.


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