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Accounting and treasury services


NBCBank offers current account and settlement services for resident and non resident corporate clients in local and foreign currencies:

  • to open current bank account – in AZN, USD, EURO and in other currencies
  • Transfer of amount to bank accounts – cash or bank transfer
  • Withdrawal of money from bank account in cash
  • Implementation of bank transfers – within and outside of the country
  • Issue of payment documents for operations
  • Conversion operations
  • Advises on bank operations
  • Encashment services


NBCBank is member to S.W.I.F.T., AZİPS and XÖHKS payment systems. Moreover, the bank has connections with local, european as well as CIS banks. The above mentioned allows us to fulfill money transfer within the country and worldwide in prompt and efficient way.

Current account and settlement services are conducted based on the contract and defined tarriffs between NBCBank and the customer. There is also possibility for compomised tarriffs to customers based on the amount of their operations.