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Strategic vision

We, as “NBCBank” aim to serve our customers with quality service and variety of products that meets the changing needs of our clients.

  • Loyal approach to the work: We aim to have a loyal approach to our work in order to fulfill the bank's mission.
  • Legality: We, highly consider and follow generally accepted international norms and principles, legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Banks, internal rules and guidelines.
  • Social justice: We, aim for social justice.
  • Respect to indivisuals dignity and personal values: We, respect the individuals rights and freedom, not depended on their social, legal status, nationality and religion.
  • Professionality: We, fulfill all the service operations with customers in high level and in due time. We, look for new ways, means and possibilities for more efficient operations of the bank.
  • Corporate solidarity: We, build our relations with colleagues in mutual understanding, trust, corporate solidairity and aim to exchange professional knowledge and experience.
  • Transparence: We, prefer transparency in our work.
  • Responsibilty: We, bear responsibility for all bank services.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: We, pay special attention to corporate social responsibility in terms of development of products, services and their delivery to end users. We possess necessary financial resources for solution of social problems.

Mission Statement

The Mission of “NBCBank” OJSC – is to create long-term relationship with customers, assist in development of small and medium-sized businesses, contribute to meeting population’s needs for consumer credits, provide economy with high quality banking products and services, and support human resources.

  • Our customer mission - provide high-quality banking services to our clients adjusting to their changing needs and build long-term relationships with them. We endeavor to strengthen our positions and expand our client base by offering wide range of qualitative, convenient and affordable conditions to the customers in financial market. We always stay open and clear to our customers by guiding our customers in the banking services market. We try to work in a way that will make our customers feel proud for cooperating with us.
  • Our product and service mission – offer wide range of qualitative products and services and be notable in the market for new products and services. We offer wide range of banking services and products. We consider our customers’ current needs while offering our services and products. We constantly improve the quality of our services and products and develop competitive new products.
  • Our staff mission - provide opportunities for career development by improving employees’ knowledge and expertise and improve their social welfare. We improve our employee’s level of professionalism and culture, study the practice of leading financial institutions, and apply rules of adaptation, rotation and career development. We constantly stimulate them for quality work and motivate for good results. We take care of their health and security and endeavor for their well-being.
  • Our shareholders related mission – provide increase of profitableness of our shareholders and expand the list of shareholders. We strive to fulfill our commitments before our shareholders to our best.
  • Our partnership mission – build partnership legally, with mutual understanding and transparently. We are honest to our partners; we make efforts to build long-term relationships based on mutual interests and to strengthen these relations. We are always ready to listen to those who want to partner with us and, if needed, to accept them.
  • Our mission for competition – increase our competitiveness by competing honestly. While being competitive in the market, we respect our competitors’ interests and reputation and are supporters of honest competition. We strive for increasing our competitiveness by improving our services and products, extending our resources, and using them more efficiently.
  • Our development mission - expand network of services by constantly searching for new opportunities for development and increase the market share. We want to cover the whole market by maximum using of the market’s potential and increase the market share by expanding our network of services.

Since its establishment "NBCBank" puts efforts to provide high quality bank services to Azerbaijan people.

"NBCBank"s image as reliable and dynamic financial institution assists the bank to meet the requirements of the customers at high level and achieve its most important objectives, as well as enables the recognition of the bank as a leading financial organization in imternational arena. As indicator of this our bank was awarded many times. Here are some of them: