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3D Secure


“3D Secure” – is a cutting-edge technology that allows protection from fraud in transactions and secures payments via Internet. The working principle of this technology is management of customer’s authentication by specified 3D Code, which belongs only to customer and is not indicated on the card, by “Azericard” processing center’s protected web-site.

While payment of goods and services on the web-sites which are supporting “3D Secure” safety standards (as a rule, they are marked by the logo of “MasterCard Secure Code” and “Verified by Visa”), the Customer enters to the “Azericard” web-page, includes his “3D” Code, and proceeds payment only after the verification of the code. So that, in case of a loose/theft of the card itself or indicated information on it, without customer itself or his notification, operations via Internet can not be carried out.